Monday, November 19, 2012

Want to Kick The Habit, too?

V2 Cigs electronic cigarettes - Starter Kits
Why don't you make it easy on your loved ones and healthier for yourself. Listen to me... a non-smoker.
But, honestly... I tried to get my partner to quit for a LONG time.. chantix, patches and all that stuff don't work for everyone and - as with all meds, i worry about the side effects.
He started smoking the V2 a few weeks ago and can't even stand the taste of real tobacco.
No more tar, cancer causing chemicals - and - best for me... NO STINK.
He still gets his nicotine kick and the choice of taste. from tobaccos, to foods, to drinks...
So, this IS actually a product we stand behind and use it in the household. When have you ever heard of a non-smoker endorse a smoking product, eh???
And, they have a huge 25% off sale on starter kits from Black Friday to Cyber Monday.

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