Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Why don't you blog more???? Well, here are some of the reasons

I am sorry I don't post much here, It isn't because I don't want to, or have nothing New to say, It is more a matter of time and frankly most of the customers of are wholesale customers....buying items in larger quantities, and wholesale prices. The word of mouth referrals is what really drives what we do.

Bulk Incense for resale is a huge part of this, as well as supplying Bulk figural candles for ritual purposes. In fact we are expanding these lines always, and the selection of Stick Incense is second to none. As is our Ritual Candle Line.

Of course we also produce Custom Candles for all Occasions, Weddings, Memorial Candles (both Human and Pet) and many special events, Parties, Holidays, Dinner Parties and Fund Raisers.

If you have interest in something you don't see listed, or want us to create for you something special, Please contact Steve, he will be happy to assist you.

In Light